Project Based / Expeditionary Learning

Building on the passion of our students and fostering a spirit of inquiry classes on Sunday, investigate big questions about Judaism, Jewish life, and the world around them.

This year during the fall semester, our students will focus on Torah. They will be exploring the question, “Where am I in the stories of Torah?” Each of our groups will be investigating/exploring some of our biblical ancestors, their unique stories, their character traits, and what we learn from their experiences.

During the spring semester, students will take a closer look at Israel: the land, its history, and its people, by investigationing “How is Israel a home for me?” In this expedition we strive to connect our students to our rich tradition, giving them a taste of Israel through both an historical and modern lens, and encouraging them to see themselves as part of the Israel narrative.

Each expedition concludes with a culminating event that aims to educate others and serves to meet a community need.