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Hebrew Prayer

Dear Parents, TCS Members, and Honored Guests,
shabbatimage worship is made up of two important elements, the words of prayers and the meaning we bring to these words. Language becomes prayer when we imbue it with feeling and sincerity. Our students have been working hard to not only read the words of the prayers and learn to sing them, but also to explore their meanings and to build personal connections.

Each Mador has created artwork that is inspired by the prayers of the service. As we approach a given piece of liturgy we hope you reference the accompanying student artwork contained in this booklet and find inspiration in its image and message and in doing so make this a more meaningful Shabbat worship experience.

Our Hebrew madorim students reflect on prayer...

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April 26, 2013


Spring Expedition 2013

whatisisraelheartimageGuiding question: What is Israel? An exploration by SULAM students in grades 3 through 6.

Israel. It is a term used to describe a people, a land and a country. It is a term that elicits strong emotions and lots of questions. This spring, the 3-6 grade students in Temple Chayai Shalom’s SULAM program set out to explore the questions, “What is Israel?” and “What is my connection to it?” Some of our students learned about the heroes who helped shape Israel from ancient times to the modern era. They learned how the passions of these men and women informed their actions and considered how they were like the men and women they studied. Other students investigated important sites in Israel from the past and present giving them a working knowledge of the land and how it has evolved over time.

Another group of students examined Israel as a country that values creative thinking and action by learning about different innovations started in Israel that have helped people around the world. Lastly, after learning a bit about Israel, a group of students had more questions they wanted to explore.

This book represents eight weeks of study, consideration and reflection. We hope that it sparks interest in delving deeper into Israel’s rich history, to become more aware of Israel as an innovation leader and of the people who call Israel home and fosters a love and connection with this special place.

Click here for our book.

Spring 2016

Guiding Question: How can I experience Israel?

Amazing race pictures

Jewish Time

During the 5777-2016/2017 school year, the SULAM students in grades 3 – 6 explored the idea of Jewish time and considered the question, “What is a good way to keep and remember Jewish Time?”
This exploration gave us the opportunity to learn about each holiday with depth, celebrate them in their appropriate season and create a variety of resources to help others grapple with this question.

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Social Action ~ Tikkun Olam

Spring Expedition 2013
Guiding Question: How are we each differently abled and how can we help each other?

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Fall Expedition 2014
Guiding Question: What is poverty and how can I help?
Our 3rd and 4th grade students learned about acts of hesed (kindness) and how members of trhe TCS community, as well as the larger Jewish community, support those in need.

Click here to watch their video.

Using Jewish wisdom, 3rd and 4th grade students wrote, illustrated and narrated original stories that reflect their understanding of and connection to our tradition. Click on the links below to see their work.

The Mitzvah Project

The Selfish City

Best Friends

Russel Crowe

The Happy Ending

Aiden Meets a Poor Family


Fall 2013
How is torah a tree of life for me?

Fall 2015
Puppet Pals - retelling our biblilcal stories
mask pictures and giant people

Torah Expedition Materials
Guiding question: Where am I in the stories of Torah?

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